Sheep are amazing animals!

Sheep Facts - many different breeds of sheep

There are many different breeds of sheep
There are about 1 billion sheep worldwide and over 1000 different breeds; Britain has the highest number of different breeds of sheep – over 60!

Sheep Facts- Sheep are friendly

Sheep are friendly
They wag their tails like dogs, they know their names and they form strong bonds with other sheep, goats and people.

Sheep Facts - Sheep can self-medicate

Sheep can self-medicate
Sheep are known to self-medicate when they have some illnesses; they will eat specific plants that they know will help them feel better.

Sheep have very good memories
They can remember up to 50 individual sheep and humans for years.

Sheep are intelligent
They have a similar IQ level to cattle and are nearly as clever as pigs; they are capable of problem solving.

Sheep are Precocial
They are highly independent from birth and like to be in a group.

Sheep are sacred

Sheep are sacred
Ancient Sumerians (4,000 – 2,000 BCE) immortalised sheep in the form of their gods, as did the Ancient Egyptians (3,200 – 30 BCE) who also mummified them when they died.

Sheep have a wide vocal range

Sheep have a wide vocal range
They make different vocalisations to communicate different emotions; they can also move their ears to show differing emotions.

A sheep’s fleece will grow forever

A sheep’s fleece will grow forever
Depending on the breed a sheep will produce between two and thirty pounds of wool a year; in the UK sheep are only sheared in the spring and summer when they naturally need to lose their fleece.