There are many grades of wool and levels of quality used in the manufacturing of wool bedding products. The quality and authenticity of the materials and craftsmanship is reflected in the prices charged to you, the consumer. When making your choice, you will want to be sure that you have been informed about all the options available to you, and this includes considering where the wool is from, how it is processed and where the end product is manufactured.

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Manufactured in the UK


Devon Duvets Ltd

John Lewis Devon Wool (made by Devon Duvets)


Baavet and Devon Duvets are the only companies producing their own wool products in the UK.

Manufactured outside of the UK

Casper Wool duvets are made in China using Merino wool. It is not known where the wool comes from.

Fogarty is a brand name owned by Dunelm, which uses New Zealand wool. The country of manufacture is not known.

Little Green Sheep Not UK, not disclosing where it is manufactured in the world.

Soak and Sleep is a trading company that buys in New Zealand wool duvets for the UK market. The country of manufacture is not known.

South Down Duvets is a UK based company who have their duvets made for them in Italy.

Woolroom is a UK based trading company whose soft bedding products are manufactured in Lithuania.